During serious storms, tree branches or even whole trees may fall or topple, inflicting damage on other trees or nearby vegetation. These falling trees may also cause harm to property and people or animals as they fall.

A well trained and experienced arborist can remove or prune a fallen or partially fallen tree safely and efficiently while preventing the occurrence of further damage from additional falling limbs or trunks.

Since severe storms can seriously damage or topple even very large, heavy trees, it takes the expertise of a professional emergency tree care service like Arbor Ace to provide careful, safe pruning or removal services for such badly damaged trees.

Heavy storms can cause falling trees and serious destruction to vehicles and the roofs of homes. You will want to assure fast, safe tree removal to prevent further harm to your valuable property.

Professional tree service companies like Arbor Ace will remove all traces of fallen trees from your land, including tree roots and stumps, leaving your property clean, neat and free of debris.